Swatch: The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion


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I hope you are all well and are ready for the Christmas holidays! I am so excited! Although, I still have so much shopping and gift wrapping to do. I’m usually prepared well in advance but this year has been the total opposite. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Last month, I was approached by Swatch Switzerland to attend their new store opening event on Buchanan Street in Glasgow where I could get to learn more about the brand and choose a piece of my own, which was so exciting! When I seen the new store it looked great and it is positioned on one of the busiest places to shop in Glasgow. The store space is so open with great branding of all the different watch styles and collections they have in store. The atmosphere is so upbeat and is very inviting. The staff are so helpful and interested in the products they are selling which is always a bonus too.

The brand itself originated in Switzerland and was founded in 1983 by Nicolas Hayek. Before, I didn’t know much about the brand and now I realise that it has so much to offer with watch styles to fit everyone’s tastes as well as their products being unisex. The watches are so quirky and each has a unique story behind them, which is what makes Swatch stand out to other related brands. So much goes into the thought process of designing and creating the different watch styles that come from an initial design concept and trend, I love it.

What I didn’t realise is, that Swatch also offer sunglasses and jewelry in store too. I personally loved the sunglasses that were on offer as they matched some of the watch styles in store from the certain trends that are popular in store. As well as this you can pop out and change the lenses depending on the style and purpose they are being used for. Check these out …


You can find the link to the sunglasses below.

Whilst on the visit I was completely spoiled for choice. As I was shown round, I was told about all the concepts behind some of the watch trends, which I was amazed by. From looking at it you don’t see all the art and creative background it develops from until it’s pointed out to you.

One of the trends I was obsessed over was called ‘Look Fab’ which is a glitzy, sleek and sophisticated range of watch styles.  It is based on ‘Sun-brushed dials and glittery gold, silver, fuchsia, and ink blue styles create a collection of Swiss watches that reminds us to cherish life’s treasures.’


If you want to have a look at other trends you can have a look via this link:

After ages of deciding, I decided to choose the SISTEM STALAC watch that has a silver bracelet and face with Swarovski crystals embedded on the outer face. It fastens by a clasp and is non-battery powered and instead is powered by the movement of your wrist with new mechanical technology. The good thing about my new watch is that if you decide not to wear it for four days the watch will still be ticking at the appropriate time but is easy to wind up if you don’t wear it for longer than four days. (trust me if I can operate it, anyone can I am a complete technophobe!)

A video based on the mechanics of the watch can be seen via the link below:



This watch is definitely one of my favourites. I love the detailing and the bracelet makes it look really elegant contrasting with the large face.

You can shop my watch here at:

I definitely recommend Swatch, especially if you are a fashion lover. The products they offer make the perfect gift so if you are like me and are still doing your Christmas shopping I would consider taking a look in a Swatch store near you or on their website that I will post a link to below.

Currently Swatch are giving advice on what to gift a loved on by answering a few questions based on their gender and style to make it all the more easier for you.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

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Zaful: Leopard Print Shirt

Hi lovely’s 

Today’s post is about the brand Zaful and their products which I am obsessing over! 

Recently I have collaborated with the brand and got to choose some items and they do not disappoint. The brands clothing, shoes and accessories are so affordable which is perfect for students like myself… if you have a moment you should definitely check out their online website at:

I wanted to talk about the leopard print shirt in this post as it is perfect for fall and the style and features are perfect and can be mixed and matched with just about anything … what more could you want? 

I decided to team this shirt with a skirt, tights and boots for a feminine look to contrast with the boxed shirt. It would be a great shirt to pair with jeans and layer with a polo underneath due to the loose fit… I will definitely be doing that since it’s been around 0 degrees here…. 

I love the looseness of the shirt, the style features are so feminine with the V neckline and open shirt collar yet it still has a masculine twist due to the boxed fit and long fastened sleeves. It’s also really soft as it is made from cotton. Usually I find them quite stiff at first until you’ve worn them a few times but this one is super comfy! 

What I loved most was the tailored contrast leopard print pocket which gives the plain shirt an edgy vibe. 

You can shop this shirt via the link below:

I hope I’ve inspired you to invest in a shirt like this one … they are so stylish and comfy!

Alana xo

Winter Sun


Hope you have all had a good week and ready for Halloween weekend!! I can’t wait 🙌🏼

I haven’t been posting on here in a while as I’ve been so busy! 

Just the other day I came back from my holiday in Tenerife in the Canary Islands with my boyfriend and I had the best time. Winter sun was just what I needed after being loaded with the cold. I think that’s the only thing I hate about this time of year.
We decided to book the holiday on a whim and I’m so glad we did. We stayed in Las Americas in a hotel called Vanilla Gardens that was amazing …. I mean they had beds as sun loungers 😱😱 

How pretty! We stayed here most days and soaked up as much sun as possible before coming back home to the freezing cold… the staff were lovely and the food was amazing too, I definitely would reccomend this place.

Getting to wear summer clothes and bikinis again was great, before going I managed to bag some cute bikini sets by the pool. 

I’m obsessed with crochet bikinis and I spotted this Jamaican inspired two piece one from Miss Guided for £30. It’s so cute and I love the style of it too. Even though I’m someone who hates getting tan lines I just had to have it hahah! It’s by far one of my favourites. 

When I was coming back from London I spotted this lil bandeau twist bikini from Accessorize. Who doesn’t want a plain white bikini? It’s perfect and looks great with a tan. It was only £24 which is a perfect buy. I managed to purchase my pool cover up from River Island for £25 in the clearance sale when looking for last minute purchases and it’s great to just throw over your bikini. 

One of the days we went to Siam water park and it was so much fun… my boyfriend managed to convince me to go on a ride called Tower of Power that drops and goes through a tunnel with sharks … yes sharks!!! The hour wait made the apprehension so much worse but I’m so glad I done it… 

Looking at this photo I can’t believe I actually went on it haha! 

Here are a few pictures from the day …

My crochet play suit is from Hollister, it’s so cute and lightweight. 

In Las Americas there is loads of nightlife with bars and clubs. We particularly liked Papagayo Beach Club… the venue was amazing  I think I became a bit obsessed with cocktails on holiday too ….

Before heading home I wanted to take advantage of wearing my last summer dress before heading home. This one is from Lipsy London and it’s by far my favourite. I love the print and style of it…

Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better week, it was great and the holiday blues have definitely set in!

Happy Friday

Alana xo